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Jacobs Ladder of Covenance dba JLOC was created because our working class families need a tremendous amount of support and assistance. These families most times do not qualify for federally and/or state funded programs because on paper “they make too much” however the truth is they do not make enough. They have to often choose between paying bills and putting food on the table and are literally living from check to check. If something devastating happens like having to buy school supplies or getting their car fixed it puts them further in debt and unable to maintain day to day obligations.


Our organization wants to be the bridge that gets them to the next level by providing the basic necessities that the everyday person probably takes for granted. We are not only offering them food, school supplies and clothes we want to make a permanent impact on their lives. Along with the basic needs we are providing financial strengthening, the benefits of opening bank accounts, counseling and classes on how to become homeowners.  JLOC doesn’t just want to put a Band-Aid on the problem; we want to give our working class families permanent solutions by fixing one family at a time.



BOARD MEMBERS  2018-2021

Executive Director/Founder - Rhonda R. Jacobs

President of the Board - Thomas Jacobs, Jr.

Vice President of the Board - Tammy Dennis-Jones

Treasurer - Octavia Sands

Secretary - Tameika Jenkins

Fundraising Committee Chair - Reginald T. Jacobs

Community Outreach Committee Chair - Lindy Farrell

Financial Committee Chair - Jarel Jacobs

Social Media Committee Chair - Shaunte Ellis

Client Liaison - Shayla White












About Us

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